10 Lagu Favorit yang Bikin Semangat On Lagi

Mendengarkan lagu terbukti dapat memengaruhi mood loh, Mom! Dari lagu yang berlirik positif dan punya alunan yang semangat, akan membuat mood kita jadi lebih baik dari sebelumnya. Seakan-akan memberi suntikan energi positif, ini dia deretan lagu favorit yang bisa bikin Mommy lebih semangat menjalani hari-hari dan menggapai mimpi!

1. Hall of fame by The Script

“You can throw your hands up
You can beat the clock
You can move a mountain
You can break rocks
You can be a master
Don’t wait for luck
Dedicate yourself and you can find yourself”

2. Don’t you worry child by Swedish House Mafia ft. John Martin

“Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child
See heaven’s got a plan for you
Don’t you worry, don’t you worry now, yeah”

3. Superheroes by The Script

“When you’ve been fighting for it all your life
You’ve been struggling to make things right
That’s how a superhero learns to fly
Every day, every hour, turn the pain into power”

4. Burn by Ellie Goulding

“When the lights turned down, they don’t know what they heard
Strike the match, play it loud, giving love to the world
We’ll be raising our hands, shining up to the sky
‘Cause we got the fire, fire, fire, yeah we got the fire fire fire”

5. Hero by Mariah Carey

“And then a hero comes along
With the strength to carry on
And you cast your fears aside
And you know you can survive
So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And you’ll finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you, oh, oh”

6. Shooting Star by Owl City

“When the sun goes down, and the lights burn out,
Then it’s time for you to shine
Brighter than the shooting star, so shine no matter where you are
Fill the darkest night, with a brilliant light,
‘Cause it’s time for you to shine
Brighter than a shooting star, so shine no matter where you are, tonight”

7. The Climb by Miley Cyrus

“There’s always gonna be another mountain
I’m always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose
Ain’t about how fast I get there
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
It’s the climb”

8. Laskar Pelangi oleh Nidji

“Mimpi adalah kunci
Untuk kita menaklukkan dunia
Berlarilah tanpa lelah
Sampai engkau meraihnya
Laskar pelangi
Takkan terikat waktu
Bebaskan mimpimu di angkasa
Warnai bintang di jiwa”

9. Bahagia oleh GAC

“Percayalah kawan esok kan berbeda
pasti kan engkau mencoba
Buat mimpimu jadi nyata oh nyata
Kita semua pasti bisa asalkan kita melangkah
Sambut hari yang indah”

10. Try Everything by Shakira

“I won’t give up, no I won’t give in
Till I reach the end
And then I’ll start again
Though I’m on the lead
I wanna try everything
I wanna try even though I could fail

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